5th Asia Pacific Ferroalloys Conference

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Indonesia has been identified as China "Belt &Road" trade partner and is the most important country in the Southeast Asian Region in the production of Minerals and ferroalloys. Indonesia is well positioned with unique Nickel Ore resources, renewable Coal, Alumina and labor cost advantages. This has led to an increase of investments in recent years.

The theme of this conference is “Smelter and Energy “  in Metals and Steels Industry.

Indonesia produces 100,000 tons of nickel metal by 2014 when Indonesia began export of raw material after Antam and Vale -inco set up factory 40 years Ago. Indonesia will produce 1 million ton of nickel metal by 2025 , become world 2nd largest nickel and stainless steel producing country . Do Indonesia has enough resources ? Can local market absorb it ? What will impact to China and Indonesian metal processing sector ? What opportunity and challenges are we facing on  ? 

Please attend The 5th Asia Pacific Steel & Ferro-Alloys Conference, listen to what government officers and experts would share . The 5th Asia Pacific Steel &Ferro-Alloys Conference, hosted by KADIN Indonesia and Indonesian Smelters & Minerals &Processing Association and arranged by, supported by  CCCMC and Foshan Metals Materials Industry Association, will be held on 14-16 March 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We sincerely invite all delegates including Ferroalloys, Steel Mills, Coke, Carbon, Graphite Literate Ore suppliers and customers, equipment suppliers and others from the world to attend the conference in March in Indonesia

The Primary  Schedule and Arrangement of the conference:

The 5th Asia Pacific Steel & Ferro-Alloys Conference (APSFA)

Date : 14-16, March 2018, Jakarta, Indonesia

Conference Schedule: (subject to final confirmation)

MAR 13rd ( Tuesday)

MAR 14th (Wednesday )                         10:00-18:30





Delegates Arrival

Registration of Delegates, Business networking.

Indonesian Smelters and Processing Association

Members Workshop


Cocktail and Welcome Dinner

MAR 15th (Thursday)                               08:30-18:00

Conference, Presentations, Trade discussion.

PARTY 1: Policy


Introduction of Investment Policy and Projects in Indonesia
 --invite Official from Ministry of Industry, Indonesia


China “Belt & Road” Initiative Policy and How Indonesia be benefited

-Invite Official from  Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s  Office of The Embassy of The People’s  Republic of China in The Republic of Indonesia  

PART II   Energy & Power



The Investment Financial Support  to Energy  Industry in Indonesia

 ---Invite CEO  from PT Bank of China(Indonesia)


The  Explore and Supply Outlook  on  Coal  Industry in Indonesia

 ---Invite CEO  from PT Coal Industry (Indonesia)


The  Development and Supply Outlook  on  Aluminum Industry in Indonesia

 ---Invite CEO  from PT Aluminum Indonesia(Inalum)


Q&A Tea Break

PART III   Stainless Steel Smelter and Processing


Chinese SSteel industrial Development Outlook

--invite CEO, Desheng SSteel Group, China



Indonesian SSteel Industrial Situation and Development

-Invite Tsingshan Steel Group,Indonesia







(Silicon, Chrome, Manganese, Coke& Graphite ,Scraps)


Ferro Silicon Industrial Market Outlook

--Invite CEO from China Erdos  Group


 Manganese Ore Supply and Market  Outlook in 2018

--Invite CEO, Eramet, France


Global Market Outlook of   Steel Scraps

--Invite Senior Analyst of World Recycling Association


The Coke and Graphite industry and market Outlook

-Invite Found  Carbon &Graphite Group, China


Q&A Tea Break




Global Chrome Ore Supply and Market Outlook

--Greg Taurog, Terisa SA


Global Nickel Industry Development and demands from world SSteel Industry

-- Invite keynote speakers from INSG


Panal Discussion

-Invite vale, Aantam, Jinchuan, Xinxin to present

Topics: 1. Literate ore export and supply

              2. Nickel demands in 2018

              3. NPI and Ni Metal balance development



Reception Banquet

MAR 16th (Friday)                                       09:30-12:00


Investment Projects Matching and Trade Networking

(pre arrangement is required)  and end of the conference


More Importance Information of the conference

Conference Language: English, simultaneous interpretation by English and Chinese provided

How to book Hotel?

Hotel:  JS LUWANSA  Hotel   and Convention Center

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 You also can book Hotel via us, the Standard Room Charge: usd90/night (tax and breakfast included)

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Registration charges

Members of (Including 3 nights Hotel single rooms, if not need Hotel accommodation , USD225/pp will be deducted )

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Non-Members of (Not including Hotel rooms)

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Cancellation Policy

Upon cancellation, registration fee is only 50% refundable before 15  Feb.,2018  

How to register the conference and Booking Hotel

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Mr.Richard Liu –

  Mail:  conference              QQ and Wechat: 2668876619

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Mr Vince Gowan

Executive Chairman  of ISPA

+62 8111635699,

Smelter & Energy Conference March 13-16  invitation List

3月14-16日 冶炼和能源会议拟邀请客户清单 I


1.  中国不锈钢及铁合金 China Nickel and Stainless steel  Sector


1)  五矿 Minmetals

2)  青山 鼎新 集团 Tsingsan

3)  德龙 Virtue Dragon

4)  鑫海科技 Xinhai

5)  北海诚德 Cheng de

6)  力勤 Lygend

7)  明辉 Ming Hui

8)  振石东方 Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel

9)  罕王 Hanking

10) 金川 Jinchuan

11) 新兴铸管 Xinxing Pipe

12) 大丰港 Dafeng Port

13) 新华联 Macrolink

14) 台湾意联 Union Steel

15) 中钢印尼 Sinosteel Indonesia

16) 青岛城投 (恒顺) Qingdao City Construction Investment Group

17) 尊贤航 Zun Xian Hang

18) 美凌投资 Meiling Investment

19) 中金金属 Zhongjin Metals

20) 北海诚德 Beihai Chengde

21) 厦门建发 C&D

22) 德龙镍业 Virtual Dragon

23) 象屿集团 Xiangyu Group

24) 银海万向 Vansun Nickel

25) 21世纪 21Century

26) 金麟 – 联禧-尊贤Genious Kinlin

27) 神牛 投资 Shen Niu


2.  中国铝业 ChinaAlumina/Aluminum

1)  中铝 Chalco

2)  山东魏桥 Shandong Weiqiao Group

3)  杭州锦江 Hangzhou Jinjiang

4)  山东南山 Shandong Nanshan

5)  山东信发 Shandong Xinfa Group

6)  广西投资集团 Guangxi Investment Group

7)  东方希望 East Hope

8)  陕西有色 Shaanxi Metallurgy

9)  江西铜业 jiangxi cooper

10) 云南铜业 Yunnan Cooper

3.  外资和印尼知名冶炼企业 International and Indonesian Companies.

1)  INALUM  Holding , 印尼矿业控股集团

2)  INALUM 印尼国营铝业公司 -

3)  ANTAM安塔姆 镍铝金 冶炼公司

4)  BUKIT ASAM –印尼国营煤矿公司

5)  PT TIMAH 印尼国营锡矿公司

6)  卡钢 Klakatau Steel

7)  POSCO KS 韩国印尼合资炼铁公司

8)  PT SMELTER 美日合资纯铜冶炼公司

9)  ADARO 印尼上市大型煤矿公司

10) VALE淡水河谷 – 巴西公司

11) HARITA 哈利达


13) MODERN 印尼现代


15) PT Fajar


17) PT Ang Fang

18) 黑空间 Blackspace  - 俄罗斯公司

19) 金达莱 Jindal- 印度钢铁集团

20) 自由港 Freeport  美国公司

21) Press Metal 马来西亚电解铝公司

22) 嘉能可 Glencore

23) 纽蒙特 Newmont

24) 日本冶炼企业Sumitomo, Mitsubishi

4.  Energy related Companies

1)  PLN 印尼电力公司, Indonesia Power, PJB, PLN Engineer

2)  Sarawak Energy Berhad 沙捞越电力公司

3)  Sinar Mas power

4)  GEIDCO 全球能源互联网发展合作组织

5)  Power Grid of China 中国 国网

6)  China Nuclear  中国核建

7)  Power China 中国电建

8)  Gezhouba 葛洲坝

9)  Huadian 华电

10) Hanergy 汉能

11) WIKA 印尼国家建筑公司


5.  冶炼和能源有关的地方政府 Regional Governments with mineral and energy resources

1)  中,南,西,东南,北 苏拉威西各省 Sulawesi provinces

2)  东南西北中加里曼丹 五省 Kalimantan  5 provinces

3)  马鲁古省北马鲁古省Maluku,Maluku Utara

4)  东努沙登加拉省 Nusatenggara Timur

5)  巴布亚省 和西巴布亚省Papua & Papua Barat

6)  莫罗瓦利县 Morowali 科拉卡县 Kolaka, 东路武县 Luwu Timur

6.   铁合金知名企业(邀请中)

1.     鄂尔多斯电力冶金集团(Erdos Metallurgy Group)

2.     山西东方资源发展有限公司(Shanxi Dongfang)

3.     四川博赛集团(Bosai Group)

4.     新钢联冶金集团(Xinganglian)

5.     西北腾达铁合金(Tengda Xibei)

6.     宁夏吉元冶金 (Jiyua Metallurgy)

7.     和建国际 (Hejian)

8.     宝钢不锈 (Baosteel Ssteel)

9.      中泰镍业(zhongtai Nickel)


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