The 13th Cored wire Industrial Chain Summit

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The 13th Cored wire Industrial Chain Summit


To relevant units and member enterprises:

Co-organized by Cored Wire Industry Chamber of China and, the 13th Cored wire Industrial Chain Summit will be held on August 8th to 10th, 2019 in Changzhi, Shangxi Province.


With the continuous improvement of steel quality, the usage of various cored wire products in the process of steel smelting is increasing. Especially solid calcium wire has been widely used in many large-scale iron and steel enterprises and tends to enlarge and replace other alloy cored wires. As a big country of iron and steel smelting and casting China has higher and higher requirements on the quality of iron and steel and cast iron. Cored wire is more and more widely used in the fields of iron and steel smelting and casting.


Quality of cored wire has a great influence on the on reduction of slag, the yield rate of purified molten steel and effect of desulfurization and deoxidation, especially in the process of microalloying. There are many kinds of cored wire products such as silicon calcium, metal calcium, ferro-calcium, magnesium powder, iron powder, carbon powder, ferro-boron, ferro-phosphorus, ferrotitanium, rare earth silicon magnesium, nitrided ferrochrome, nitrided ferromanganese, nitrided ferrosilicon, silicon barium, silicon calcium barium, silicon ferro-aluminium and silicon calcium barium aluminum. Seamless calcium cored wire has broad prospects in application.


In this conference, experts of technology departments of steel mills and foundry enterprises, raw material and production enterprises, scientific research institutes and industry analysts will be invited to discuss hot issues in the industry including market situation and development trend of cored wires and raw materials, innovation and technical application of cored wire products, quality demand for cored wire in the steel and foundry industry, self-discipline of cored wire industry, production and sales of innovative cored wire products by using Internet plus and so on.


The invited industrial representatives are cored wire producers, raw material producers, technical qualification and purchasing managers of iron and steel and foundry production enterprises, cored wire equipment manufacturers, design and research institutes.


. Basic Information:

1. Date: August 8 to 10, 2019

2. Venue: Changzhi, Shanxi Province

3. Schedule:

August 8th p.m. 13:30 ~ 18:30: Registration and business communication;

        p.m. 15:00 ~ 16:00: Meeting for council members of Cored Wire Industry Chamber

August 9th a.m. 08:30 ~ 17:00: Conference report

August 9th p.m. 17:30 ~ 20:00: Selection and award ceremony for credit enterprises of cored wire

August 10th a.m.: 9:00-12:00 (Visit relevant enterprise)


. Main Issues (The final speech themes and sequence are subject to the announcement prior to the conference)

Development status and trend of China’s cored wire industry

Influence of silicon calcium production market structure on the market

Influence of steel strip on quality of cored wire products

It is inevitable to improve automation and environmental protection of cored wire production

Roles of ferrotitanium cored wire in steelmaking and application prospect

How to improve energy saving production and equipment of solid calcium cored wire

Calcium treatment of steel and prospect of solid calcium cored wire

Trend of metal calcium production and market supply

Market prospect of cored wire products and how to improve international after-sales service


. Charge Standard

1. Member unit of Before July 15th: 2,600 yuan / person; After July 16th: 3,000 yuan/person;

2. Nonmember unit: Before July 15th: 3,000 yuan /person; After July 16th: 3,500 yuan/person;

The above fees include attendance fee, information fee and meal fee and exclude inspection fee and accommodation fee. For the enterprise joining in VIP member of during the period of conference application, 1 person attends the conference free of charge. For the enterprise that 2 or above persons apply for attendance, free website channel advertisement for half a year or roll screen is presented.


. Other Affairs

1. Conference proceedings, “Cored Wire Conference Journal” advertising and other publicity:

a. Color cover: 5,000 yuan; b. Color back cover: 3,000 yuan; c. Inside front cover/ 1 color inset: 2,500 yuan;

d. Color inside back cover: 2,000 yuan; e. Color inside page: 1,000 yuan; f. Roll screen display rack: 1,000 yuan;

g. Issued with the conference information: 3,000 yuan; h. Video playing: 1,000 yuan

2. Technical report contribution

We welcome scientific research personnel to contribute. The manuscripts will be published and the remuneration will be paid on the conference. The theme can be cored wire technology innovation, equipment innovation, raw material innovation and so on.

The email for contribution:    WeChat: 2668876619

. Selection for credit enterprise and brand enterprises of cored wire: For detailed information about selection conditions, please see also the appendix.

3. Contact the Conference Organizing Committee:

Contacts: Ms. Yu, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Liu

Cell Phone:  18611148733  13911566246

Telephone: 010-87760688    Fax: 010-87776388 ext 810



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